Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creating an Inviting Listing

While creating your listing bear in mind that the more connection points that you can provide...the more comfortable someone will feel contacting you about an exchange.

First, be careful to make it pleasing to the eye by using correct punctuation and grammar (yes, I know we live in the computer age where no one uses capital letters anymore...but it really does make a difference!)

Involve your children as you brainstorm all the things in your area and home that you could mention in your listing.

Try to fill out the listing information as thoroughly as possible. Be careful to give the information in the appropriate area. (no descriptions of home in the area about our family etc...)

Don't forget about outside play areas, tree houses, trampolines, bicycles.

Give as much personal information as you feel comfortable, tell about occupations, hobbies, children's ages and interests. Even share a photo of your family (just don't give names!)

Really give lots of information about your surrounding area...no matter where you live there are interesting things to see or do. This may be the "selling point" that causes someone to contact you about your listing, when they know there will be plenty to see and do!

Don't forget educational or historical venues in your area! Tell about the timing of special festivals or events hosted in your area...you might just talk someone into visiting on a particular weekend.

Most importantly, ADD PHOTOS!! They really make an incredible difference as they add to the value of your listing and make visiting the site much more interesting and enjoyable for all!

More to come...

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