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Free Membership Instructions
 (For a Limited time,  Deadline - Tuesday, July 5th )

If you are new to the home and hospitality exchange concepts, you will want to spend a few minutes educating yourself on how it works. Follow these steps for a quick education. 

1) Watch this six minute video, by the "Today Show" which follows two families as they  exchange their homes in Colorado and DC. There is a 20 second commercial but you will get lots of info in a fun format! Our site has taken this concept and created a site exclusively for homeschool families. (If you aren't able to view the clip, just go on to step two)

2) Browse through some of the featured homes on our blog.

3) Read through the FAQs on our site.

4) Browse ALL listings to see how your listing will look.

Ready to Sign Up!

Now you should be ready to take advantage of your free membership! Here's how to sign up.

1) Go to our home page,
2) Click on "join now" and follow the instructions.
3) On step 2, put “5812” in the promo-code box.

This will bypass the shopping cart and you can begin working on YOUR home listing immediately.  Be prepared to share a little about your home, hometown and family.
Free memberships must include one photo.  If you have ANY trouble using the site please contact us immediately or if you have trouble attaching photos just send them to us and we'll be HAPPY to attach it for you! **

Please email me if you have any questions or need any help. I love getting to know my "new neighbors"!

**After 48 hours of creating, HSneighbor reserves the right to remove listings without photos, they can be easily reinstated by sending us an email and attaching photos.

"Being a family of six makes travel costs somewhat prohibitive, so home exchange opens up possibilities that would otherwise be out of our budget. Exchanging with home school families offers more opportunities to travel outside the months of July & August...We look forward to building relationships with home schoolers around the globe through shared travel experiences"                                                                                                                     ~  Member from  Canada 

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