Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You can make it happen!

Because of the cost of gas on the rise, many of us are thinking of staying closer to home this summer.

We can help you defray the high cost of getting there, by saving you money on accomodations!

Do a little math with the kids, how many miles to the gallon do you get? How far can you get on a tank? Get out a map and draw a circle one tankful of gas away from your house, you should find several interesting places within that circle, and I'll bet there are plenty of homeschoolers in those areas too! We just need them to know about our service!

Put out an "APB" on some of your homeschooling loops seeing if anyone in that area would be open to a home exchange. Tell them to visit our site to see what you mean, both of you sign up for your free membership and start making the arrangements.

You'll quite possibly find inexpensive accomodations for a memorable summer jaunt and you'll help spread the word and build our database for more great exchanges in the future!

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