Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fan Page Info

Thanks for posting on our FB fan page!

Thanks so much for your interest in our site and we hope that the home exchange concept will enhance your family’s education by giving you the ability to travel more!

Please share our page as your status and tell your homeschool friends that they TOO can get their free membership just for leaving a comment!

Below is the info for your free membership. Free memberships must include one photo. If you have ANY trouble attaching photos just send them to us and we'll be HAPPY to attach it for you! **

Here is how to claim your free one-year membership.

1) Visit our home page, www.hsneighbor.com

2) Click on "join now" and follow the instructions.

3) On step 2, put “5812” in the promo-code box.

This will bypass the shopping cart and you can begin working on your home listing immediately. Please email me if you have any questions or need any help. I love getting to know my "new neighbors"!

Happy Travels,

Amy Davidson

**After 48 hours of creating, listings without photos will be de-activated, they can be easily reinstated by sending us an email.

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