Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Risking It!

I'm going to take a risk here, but I think that the advantage will far out weigh the risk. I want to encourage you to visit other home exchange sites to see all that is available out there. I actually belong to three clubs myself and if you are serious about traveling and home exchange, you should too.

That said, the advantage you receive from becoming a member of "The Neighborhood" is that we help make the home and hospitality exchange process more simple by narrowing the options of homeschooling families to their greatest common denominator...other homeschooling families!

And with the number of homeschoolers growing every year you can be assured that if we all help spread the word about "The Neighborhood," we'll soon have the ability to visit our "new" homeschooling friends all over the world.

Also, "The Neighborhood" is operated by a homeschooling family with a heart for other homeschooling families. For this reason we provide our services at a greatly reduced rate over other home exchange sites. (Other sites cost approx. $50.00 -$100.00) Our fee is less than half the cost of one night in a hotel room.

If you want my personal recommendation of other sites to visit, email me and I'll share my favorites with you!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy

    Thanks for 'risking it'! Actually, although I run a general home exchange service, I will happily recommend your site to home schooling families who may be members of Home Base Holidays or visit our site, as you are providing a service for a special niche within the (niche itself!) home exchange world.

    Many of our members have young families and we encourage them to swap with families with similiar aged children if possible. It would be an interesting experience for children in traditional schools to have use of all the facilities that I'm sure your home schooling families will have.

    As our agency has been operating in London since 1985, we have a large choice of exchange offers in the city and throughout the UK. London is a great place for families - free museums, parks everywhere and many free activities for children of all ages. Now that the pound has dropped so much in value, the UK is affordable for vacations, especially if you arrange a home swap.