Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Coming

Returning from a trip to a home that has sat empty for two months REMINDS me once again how incredible the home exchange concept is.

How you ask?  Well, if someone had been staying in our home when we got 13 inches of rain in three days they would have realized that we had a leak in our roof and would have notified us.

As it was, we came home to a 3'x3' hole in our ceiling!! Fortunately, we had DEAR friends who came by to check on our house because we live near a creek (they were concerned about flooding.) They discovered the hole and did what they could do to cover the hole and clean up the mess to make our home coming more pleasant!

Before we left we were making arrangements for a family from "The Neighborhood" to come during our absence and stay for 10 days or so, but a death in their family caused a change in plans. I was disappointed it didn't work out. They would have enjoyed the area of GA where we live and we would have felt better having someone to keep an eye on our home for those two months we were gone.

Hopefully next time!

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