Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Impromptu Field Trip!

Within minutes of where we are staying is what is called "the canal streets". These are homes that have been constructed on canals to allow the residents access to the waterway here.

We were taking photographs at the bridge and on our way back to our vehicle a neighbor noticed us looking at the plants in the yard next door. She greeted us and commented about the flowering plant at which we were gazing. She then said, "Have you children ever seen grapefruit growing? I have a tree in my backyard and limes!"

We said we'd love to see them. This lovely lady (former school teacher) showed us to her backyard.

Since they live on the canal she shared how they would leave the light on in the water at night, which would draw crabs and small fish, which would draw even bigger fish. They then take out their fishing poles and catch their supper! Without ever leaving home! Now that's cool!

As our visit drew to a close she exclaimed, "Oh, there is one more plant that you must see, it is called 'the mother of a thousand babies'!" My mom used to have a similar plant called a 'fertile myrtle'. These propagate by forming little plant- lets on the edge of the leaves which drop off, thus providing a new plant. "Please take this one" our tour guide urged, assuring us she had plenty.

We were thrilled to oblige her and left feeling blessed at the the stories, by the plant and by the reminder that there are kind people in the world who make it a better place for all! We want to be that kind of family!

PS...In a previous post I wrote about inexpensive but memorable souvenir ideas. Here's another to add to the list - native plants of the area you visit! It's at the top of my list! What a memory!

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