Friday, July 31, 2009

Hospitality Thoughts for Homeschooling Families

Hospitality Exchange offers so many fun possibilities, especially for homeschoolers. Let me share some ideas that will bring a blessing to all who participate.

1. Providing Hospitality for Homeschool Publishers and Vendors During Conventions
Many homeschooling publishers and vendors would benefit greatly from our hospitality when they are in your local areas for homeschooling conventions. Because of the length of time they are at the convention, they really just need a place to rest their heads. And you could save them the cost of hotel accommodations. Maybe your older and responsible children could accompany them as a volunteer at their table. I am a member of a yahoo group of homeschooling authors and vendors. I would love to let them know that members of the Neighborhood would like to offer hospitality to them as they travel.

2. Providing Hospitality for Traveling Homeschool Families.

I'm sure if you are the least bit interested in travel you have stumbled over a group of specialized homeschooling families who are professional travelers. They are the families that have sold everything or left their homes for extended lengths of time to travel the country or the world in an RV! Many of these families have blogs that I just love to visit and dream! I must admit it...I'm a closet "RVer-want-to-be"!!! My problem is that I'm much too social, I love and need my friends!

This is actually where we as homeschoolers with homes can be a blessing to those who have chosen this travel lifestyle. I have just made a new online friend who is an RV homeschooling mom. Their family was in our area a month ago...staying 20 minutes from where I live. I was so saddened to realize that they were so close to me and I didn't have an opportunity to invite them to our home for dinner or take them to our favorite "swimmin' hole" on the river.

Our whole family would have benefited from having this family visit in our home. They could have shared stories with my children of their journeys...the best and worst. And a visit from them would have sparked our imagination of the great, wide world around us.

The benefit to this family would be to have an opportunity for fellowship with other homeschoolers, parent to parent, child to child. In this type of setting, you would bypass the usual barriers of becoming friends and delve more quickly into relationship. One that might provide a special penpal for a lifetime.(BTW, Tonya, my son wants to know..."how do you get mail?") You could even offer to allow them to park their RV on your property while they visit the area. HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE??!!!

SO...Neighborhood members, if you are willing to host these traveling families. Log in and visit the members area to update your listing to reflect that you are willing to host a family. If you do, I KNOW that you will be blessed.

If this is of interest to you, please comment here, or join our yahoo group and chat with me about it! I love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Amy! Loved this post! LOL And my kids were so excited that you mentioned our family! We're prayerfully considering a trip to Florida this fall and it would be so wonderful to meet some homeschooling families along the way to fellowship with~ what a wonderful idea! I'll certainly be joining your yahoo group.


  2. We would gladly do either of those things. :) I've already got a profile up (Spring Grove, IL).

  3. Hi Exmish!
    I love your neighborhood listing and your happy-to-host excitement! I can hear it in your "voice"! I will add your neighborhood listing to my next post.
    BTW...I saw your husband lived in Guatemala. When I was a travel agent I visited Antigua, OH...what a beautiful place!