Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time To Start Looking For the Perfect Summer Vacation!

I just received my first request for the summer travel season! It came from a family with a different exchange agency I belong to. As always, my heart skips a beat when I get a request, just imagining the possibilities of places to go! This one sounds really tempting. Humm?! New York! We've not been there - yet!

Thought I'd include their note so that you might see an example of a enticing first contact letter.

We have 4 bedroom Toll Brother's House in a very nice development (9 hole golf course and a community pool that hardly any one uses because most of the homes have their own pool, but our house does not have it's own pool). We have a big backyard, and we are only 30 minutes from the Pocono's in one direction and 1 hour from NYC in the other direction. We make day trips with our kids to the Museum of Natural History, the Met, Central Park, on a regular basis. Our town is small and rather rural, but we are within an hour of many tourist destinations. I have family in xxxxxxxxx,GA and I would like to visit in the summer with our boys (ages 11 and 9). I would love to do a two to three week exchange. Our home is located in xxxxxxxxx, NJ------many lakes, and fishing within minutes of our house.

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