Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loved This Message I Got Recently!

And wanted to share it with you! It made me smile!

"My husband's sister and her family are currently in Spain doing a home exchange. I was thinking, wouldn't this be a great idea for homeschoolers? I googled the idea, and VOILA! THERE YOU WERE!"

My friends, there is a whole group of people living the home and hospitality exchange life! It is my desire and goal to educate homeschooling families about the incredible benefits of this unique concept! If you are new to this way of travel, please sign up for our newsletter!

  • We will work hard to educate you on how home/hospitality exchange can benefit and broaden the experiences of your family!
  • Every few weeks, we will introduce you to other families that have joined our services.
  • We'll share some of the experiences our members have on their exchanges!
  • We'll give you travel tips to help you make the most of your travel experience.
  • We want to help you travel more and to more places!
I encourage you to walk with us a little while! What do you have to lose? Besides a great vacation! Click here to sign up for our newsletter on our home page!

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