Monday, September 15, 2008

Free 'til Wednesday, September 17

Hey Neighbors!

I've had several people email seeking clarification on our free membership! If you have not created a home listing that can be viewed on our site PLEASE read this message carefully.

The free membership is only activated if you have actually entered information about your home and area to create a listing that can be viewed on our site. If you only signed up but opted to create your listing later you must go ahead and complete your listing by the deadline in order to take advantage of the free year!
Because there has been some confusion I am extending the deadline until Wednesday, September 17.

To get your free membership click on "Join Now," and follow the directions. When you see the "Promotional Code" box put in 2008. This will bypass the shopping cart and let you create your listing for free.

As you enter your information please be sure to upload photos. It enhances your listing, but also makes a much more pleasant viewing experience for all who are considering joining our site. Adding new members helps us provide more fun and exciting vacation possibilities for everyone because "the more people who know, the more places you can go!"

If you have any questions I welcome your email...

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