Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thoughts on the Modest Home

In the time since we've started our agency, we've had several families comment that they felt their homes were not quite up to par. Whether due to the size, or the age of their home, they felt uncomfortable listing it for exchange.

Their comments confirm what I suspect is true about many homeschooling families, due to the fact that homeschoolers often have only one income. I wonder if any of you out there may have this same feeling?Most of us don't own big or fancy homes, and we are the ones that NEED most to go on a vacation and can't really afford it!

If this describes your family, please know that this service is for you. We have created a special tag in our data base just for those of you that would feel more comfortable swapping with a family in a similar circumstance. Just look for the "modest" home tag when completing your listing. This allows you to search for others who feel like you!

I would venture to say that many of us fit this category, and I suspect most of us would like to be able to travel more! Please email me with any suggestions or comments you might have!

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